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Our History


Larsen’s Ace takes the Big Box straight on by adding a 30,000 SF Contractor Center in 2007.   Lyle and JoAnn sell each of the four Son’s 20% interest in the business before leaving on a mission to Los Angeles.  2012 Larsen’s add six large greenhouses and expand their plant and nursery business.   What does the future hold in store for Larsen’s Ace Hardware?  Well, this much we do know, Larsen’s will adapt like a chameleon to meet changing times, and we will never open on Sunday’s and always recognize where our blessings come from.  Thanks to every one of you who have patronized our business and given us our success. Thanks are given to all past and present employees.


New store and yard, at last we have enough room.  After moving the store four times JoAnn says she is not moving again.  Ten years of continued growth.  Rick Larsen manages Lumber departments and trains Lyle and JoAnn’s Son’s and Son in law to take over his many duties before moving on to develop his school Storm Ridge Ranch for troubled Youth.  2002 Larsen’s weather the opening of a new Wal-Mart next door.


With store and Yard scattered over four locations, it’s time to consolidate and expand. Larsen’s Ace purchases current location (1155 S Hwy 118 Richfield UT.) and constructs new 30,000 SF building with plenty of room, and builds new sheds for Lumber Yard.


Expansion continues Willard Coleman home Removed (now where new Fire dept. stands).  Lyric theatre property rented (now Shirt Stop building).  Property where (Horizons Crisis center now stands) purchased.  1991 Co-Founder Thelma Larsen dies. 1992 Todd Niemann marries Lyle and JoAnn’s daughter Leanne and joins business.  Lance,  Larrin, and Landon grow up in the aisles of the store and later in the lumber yard, and choose to follow in their Grandfather’s and Father’s footsteps into the hardware and lumber business.


Founder Lowell Larsen passed away after turning his $16,000 farm into a very successful business. Hard work a willingness to take chances, and always willing to change with the times were all key to his success.  His honesty as a businessman was unmatched.  Kent leaves business to help in development of Fish lake Lodge properties an open Café.


During this period store enjoys steady growth. Randy Christensen leaves company and purchases Montgomery Ward store (Which later evolves into Big O Tire). Lowell’s son Kent and Grandson Rick join the company and help develop lumber and building materials departments. 1982 Larsen’s purchase the old Christies market building, as Dove’s Market moves to Join K-Mart in new shopping center.  (Now the new Richfield City Fire dept.).


Store enjoys steady growth.


Rented building in Spanish Fork sold to new owner, who will not renew lease. Larsen’s look for new location.  Nothing suitable is available in Utah County. Lyle remembers seeing an empty building in Richfield. Lowell and Lyle travel to Richfield and by days end hold an agreement with Raynel Pearson to rent the East half of the old Safeway building, (currently Pearson Tire Building). Larsen’s Ace hardware opens in April of this year. In fall of 1973 the Larsen’s add Home improvement lines and rent additional space from the Pearson’s.


Ace Hardware expands rapidly requiring the Larsen’s to seek a new larger location.  Lyle and Randy Christensen who joined the company in the fall of 1973 remodel the Poulson’s Grocery warehouse building (which was located where the parking lot behind the Huish Theatre now exists.


Store changes affiliation from Western Auto to Ace Hardware Corporation.


Lyle marries JoAnn Handley on June 14th.


Lyle returns home from mission, and returns to B.Y.U to continue courses in business administration.


Store moves to new Main Street location.


After working with his parents to get business started, Lyle Larsen leaves to serve LDS mission in Eastern States.


Lowell & Thelma Larsen sell 60 acre farm in Lake Shore for $16,000.  Invest the $16,000 In a Western Auto store on Main Street in Spanish Fork.